The Movable Feast – The Food Festival that Comes to YOU

The Feast is Moving to You Summer is on the way! And with it, a decked out calendar of festivities and events all across the North Wales region, music, food faires, and so much more are on the horizon.Read more

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The Victorian Extravaganza 2018

Take a Trip Back in Time… You’re walking down a bustling Victorian high-street, a billow of steam shoots overhead from a classic Victorian steam car, meanwhile kids are eagerly lining up to go on a big ferris wheel andRead more

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Composer Spotlight – Shining a Light on some Living Welsh Composers

Composer Spotlight Shining a light on some living Welsh Composers Ensemble Cymru have teamed up with Composers of Wales to shine a bright and glorious spotlight on three Welsh composers this spring. Three composers have been selected to beRead more

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Easter Egg Hunts in North Wales 2018

Easter. That Holiday that everyone knows as the holiday in which a magical bunny rabbit travels the land depositing clutches of chocolate eggs. He’s got a very busy weekend at Easter time in North Wales. Here is a listRead more

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5 Welsh Lakes to See Before you Die

5 Welsh Lakes to See Before You Die Wales, the land of mountains, shores, forests and lakes. The latter of these is a verified famed aspect of this wonderful land. Most of these bodies of water begin with theRead more

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Wales-China Festival 2018 | Bangor Pontio

 The Inaugural Wales China Festival will be hosted by Bangor in February 2018. The event will be taking place between 16-18th of February 2018.  This is the first annual Wales China Festival which has been organised with the aimRead more

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