Drones or ‘Unmanned Ariel Vehicles’ (UAV) are a relatively new technology which allows the piloting of  an aircraft without an on-board pilot. The pilot instead controls the aircraft remotely. With cameras attached to these machines, it has allowed for access to new shots which were previously inaccessible to the consumer market.

For the first time, anyone with a drone can achieve flying shots – in the past this would have required a camera-mounted helicopter!  The result is that now, plenty of people created videos of amazing places from a bird’s eye perspective. This fits perfectly with the breathtaking scenery of North Wales.

North Wales offers breathtaking natural beauty and outstanding views. You can admire the beauty of the stunning scenery on offer by viewing the videos below that have been captured from drones around North Wales. This includes Snowdonia, Conwy Castle and spooky interior and exterior shots of the Denbigh Mental Asylum.

These aerial videos are filmed by a number of contributors and offer the chance to see some familiar places with a brand new perspective. If you are interested in live webcam North Wales views, check out our compiled list of the best webcams in North Wales here.