A quintessentially Welsh belief is the importance of family and that they’re properly looked after in their elder years. Negative articles have attributed towards a bad reflection on care homes of late but that all looks abacarediglike it’s about to change for care homes in North Wales with expansion plans imminent.

With recent statistics suggesting a boom in life expectancy has led to increased demand for proper elderly care, the firm Abacaredig have taken the first steps to securing future health.A merger between two executive companies from the Caredig Care Agency and Abacare has proven an instant success with over 100 jobs mooted as being available.

Should the industry attract the numbers (especially the young) then North Wales is well on course to achieving its aim of 25000 new jobs in the care sector being established in twenty years. Managing director Peter Angelides said: “They operated another very successful and highly regarded agency that had been in business for over 13 years in North Wales. We quickly realised we wanted the same things as our morals and standards were identical. So we set about thinking of how we could merge Abacare and Caredig, and on September 20 we completed the deal.”

The lead speaker of Care Forum Wales has indicated that his estimates measure in at 30,000 people being employed in the industry in the area, indicative of the increasing need for more jobs. When compared to the amount of people reaching 100 years of age in England and Wales in 1980 (2280) and in 2010 (11,610), it seems as if the Abacaredig firm have made a very astute move. Mario Kreft of Care Forum Wales said: “We are going to need a lot more highly skilled people and they will be a positive economic driver in their communities.”

Another great step for North Wales, this merger and employment boost should yield a successful and renowned future for the care sector in the region.

Abacaredig website: http://www.abacaredig.co.uk/?title=FAQs

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