If you’re in the beautiful town of Ruthin and want something to do, perhaps you should take part in the art trail which is filled to the brim with nostalgia.

Ruthin Art Trail

After launching on the 24th of February, the trail has already met with some success as people have been intrigued to learn more about their town through art and is also aiming to be a major draw for all tourists.

10 spy holes have been set up across the town and it starts off at Ruthin Craft Centre which is located on the railway station – a landmark that brings in 90.000 people per year by itself. With the art trail now in place, the plan is to entice more visitors to make the short journey to the town centre.

If you’re thinking of taking part, you can follow the easy to see waymarkers on your journey to the 10 destinations, each holding their own special information on the history and folklore of Ruthin. Audio guides are also available for the trail.

Some of the depictions include the famous cenotaph, the execution of a priest in the square and a famous wild do. The trail will have various information points and also as a special installation of an optical illusion is available at a local pub.

The estimated cost of the project amounts to £250,000 but according to one of the innovators of the trail, Michael Nixon, the investment will prove worthwhile: “Hopefully it will encourage people to look and through looking discover the beauty and mysteries of the town.

“You can discover the 10 spy holes set into the town walls and spot the 22 figures hidden amongst the facades and roofs around the town.

“While searching for these figures there is every chance that you will notice, and for locals to be reminded, how beautiful the town is, and how the architecture from many centuries sits harmoniously together.

“The intention of the Art Trail is that visitors will be rewarded by chance sightings of the acrobatic figures and appreciate the allusions to myths memories and historic moments captured in the spy hole tableaux.”

Artists Lucy Strachan and her husband Fred Baier both worked on the art trail and she had this to say: “The Trail was devised to be about looking at and discovering the town because Ruthin is so lovely and has so many treasures in it.

“The 22 small metal figures have been devised so that you really have to look for them and they’re up where the roofs join the buildings because that’s where much of the more decorative architecture is.

“We wanted something that all ages could enjoy and so it’s a bit like Where’s Wally but it has a quiet impact on the town where a lot of public art is more in your face.

“We had a lot of help from Roger Edwards and he actually features in one of the spyholes as a little boy because he told me the story of how as a child he remembers the street there being full of sheep on market day.

“He was fantastic and had such a fascinating insight into the town and walked round it with us.

“We hope everyone gets something from it and that it does what it was meant to do and brings town and Craft Centre closer together.”

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