iStock_000004924169SmallEver wanted to make a journey to the serene surroundings of Anglesey but have never been sure of where to stay? Well, it looks as if you are in luck with news that will benefit tourists and locals alike as the Anglesey leisure park looks like it could be going ahead after all.

The Land & Lakes group have been tirelessly campaigning for planning approval on land in Holyhead and after previously being rejected; the company has finally had its vision approved on a vote of five to three.

Just a month ago, the idea was thrown out before specialists stepped in to advise the council of its benefits for not only the community but the whole of North Wales.

The positives are plentiful with there being so many employment opportunities opening up thanks to the scheme. An estimated 600 jobs will be created in the region in a move that will help the unemployed and youngsters in particular.

Billed to be built on Anglesey’s Area of Outstanding Beauty, the site shouldn’t detract from the quality aspects of the region with the walking paths still be available to the local public. However, there are three sites which are to be built upon.

Penrhos, Cae Glas and Kingsland are all set for fantastic Center Parcs-esque lodging with all the amenities and trimmings. The Penrhos lodges are due to be the main hub with a projected 500 places of housing available to holidaymakers. That’s not all though as there will be a sports hall, spas, saunas restaurants and public routes being established for the ambitious project – all signs that Anglesey as a destination is going to be even more desirable.

In a sensibly economic fashion, the Cae Glas will be utilised for workers on a nuclear power station being built before being converted into 315 lodges and wonderfully, a nature reserve. Kingsland is also set to house 320 people once the site is constructed.

Councillor Aled Morris was plainly delighted with the outcome when he said: “Today’s decision sends a strong message that Anglesey remains an island of enterprise.

“This is a positive decision in terms of the long-term economic benefits this project will bring, not only for the local community but the island as a whole.”

An already much-coveted holiday destination, Anglesey looks like it could now become the tourism centre for the whole of Wales.

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