All Wales Boat ShowThere are few places across Europe that are better locations for sport than North Wales as there is such an expansive playground of nature on which to practise and compete. However, could sailing soon become a popular tradition throughout the region all year long?

This is what could happen after the All Wales Boat Show wraps up at the beginning of June, according to Steve Morgan of the Welsh Yachting Association. As the biggest of its kind so far, the show is going to be an extravaganza along Conwy marina that is bound to entice visitors by the thousands.

No harm will be done by the event bringing even more exposure to the area’s superb marine leisure as it already brings in £200m for the local economy which includes a staggering £620,000 in boat sales. Steve Morgan on the event: “Our ambition is to make Wales one of the best places in the world to be a sailor.”

Ahead of the event on the 30th and 31st of May and 1st of June, Davina Carey Evans, an important planner for 2014’s All Wales Boat Show, said: “The backdrop for the show is stunningly beautiful and the location just off the A55 is perfect in terms of accessibility.

“We’re trying to promote the marine sector obviously but also the fact that we’re different in the sense that we’ve got the mountains behind us which brings in the outdoor sector and the two do go hand in hand when you visit North Wales.

“This year we decided to simplify the infrastructure by concentrating on one site and we will be working in close cooperation with the town of Conwy.

“We’ve got some new sports coming on board this year, including wind surfing and wakeboarding. We’ve even got an indoor challenge with a sailing simulator and there will also be a boat jumble where people will be able to buy parts for their boats.

“Things are coming together extremely well and it promises to be a fantastic event which will provide a foundation for building on the potential of the marine sector in creating wealth and employment.”

For more information on this year’s show, please visit the All Wales Boat show website at:

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