Dragon Raiders & Bear Grylls Survival Academy

In today’s day and age, games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are capturing people’s imagination, trying to get that experience of being hunkered down in a muddy forest encampment while the enemy closes in around you. However, why let your thumbs have all the action.
You can play team-based assault games in real life using paint rounds and protective gear of course so no one gets hurt. Dragon Raiders paintball North Wales makes full use of 30 acres of rich Welsh prime woodland environment, transforming them into game maps which are perfect for team verses team. This is also the site of Bear Grylls Training academy, where you can do a course in bush craft, and get some Bear approved tips to survive in a British woodland environment.



A hike up and down Snowdon takes about 6 hours to complete, which is a nice full day. The mountain has paths which cater for all abilities and ages, but you can certainly go up with the whole extended family if you take a simple route like the Pyg Track, hard-core trekkers can tackle Crib Goch. The mountain is the Largest in England and Wales, and boasts panoramic views of the entire surrounding countryside. While a trek up Snowdon is certainly a challenge, it is an achievable goal for most people, so don’t let it put you off. The path is well trodden and safe.

Bounce Below

A large mine was once derelict and forgotten, until one day it became the site of a giant underground suspended trampoline labyrinth. Bounce your way through the caverns. The site has been the subject of millions of pounds of investments and is now celebrated as one of the UK’s premiere tourism destinations. This Is a day of unique subterranean adventure.

Zip World

Feel the acceleration of flying through the air, gliding over quarries and valleys as you ride the largest zip wire in the world. With a number of lines to choose from in different sites over North Wales, Zip World is famous for being an ecstatically fun day out for those who are seeking a little adrenaline and excitedment.

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