The proposal for wind farming developments in Anglesey has been a hot topic across the community, with over 8,000 people stressing their concern surrounding the further increase in wind turbines in areas of natural beauty and in close proximity to housing.

It is estimated that over one tenth of the entire population of Anglesey has signed a petition to ensure that their views are heard by the Anglesey Council, that is run by commissioners appointed by the Welsh Government. Anglesey Against Wine Turbines (AAWT) have gathered increased support, in a scheme that would stop wind turbines being placed in areas of natural beauty and within 1.5km of housing.

Reasons surrounding the exceptional support against wind farm development in these areas are to help preserve the islands natural beauty, where hills, mountains, coastlines and other spectacular areas may become spoilt with the inconvenience of these big turbines. As well as the problems surrounding the natural beauty of the area, some people fear that having wind farms in close proximity to property in North Wales can have a negative effect on the value of their property.

Other negative effects surrounding the development of these wind farms include; noise congestion, drop in tourism, threats to business and congestion during construction periods. The island is somewhat dependant on tourism as a main source of income and with plans into developing further wind farms, the population of Anglesey has come together to show they disagree with potential plans that could have a significant impact on the area.

Locals share the views that people who visit the area will be put off, as people would not like to stay in camp sites, caravans, holiday parks, b&b’s that are towered by wind turbines, that simply ruin the natural tranquillity of the area that most visitors crave. Although these wind farms are promoting renewable energy, many locals agree that getting the balance between suitable location and getting the most out of renewable energy is important, thus the AAWT movement has become widespread.


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