Outside of London, it’s hard for bands to make a name for themselves in this digital age. Recognition can come and go, gigs can dry up and it can be hard to spread your name around a small region.

North Wales, however, certainly has no shortage of exciting and intriguing acts for you to be keeping an eye on right now. With that in mind, here are 5 of the bands from this beautiful region that you ought to be lending an ear to.


1. Straight Jacket Legends

Raucous and definitely a little bit silly, Straight Jacket Legends are a pop-punk four-piece hailing from Holyhead that pull no punches. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live, you’ll know that their energetic performances are not to be missed.

Must-listen track: Facebook


2. Call of Jupiter

It’s hard not to love these guys. As traditionally rock and roll as they come, this four piece led by the impressive vocals of Chris McElroy are an absolute treat to see live and pepper their own songs with fantastic covers of Bon Jovi classics. Definitely ones to raise a pint glass to.

Must-listen track: Captivated


3. Secateurs

“They sound like The Stooges in a DeLorean” could be one of the soundest endorsements of a band ever and courtesy of Adam Walton of BBC Radio Wales, it’s also a credible one. The Deeside act are certainly ones to watch and have a bright future ahead of them.

Must-listen track: She Lost Her Mind


4. The Electric

As smartly-dressed as they are unhinged on-stage, The Electric comprises of some of the freshest young talent from the area. Kris Davis leads the mic masterfully and along with the rest of band, they certainly put on a great show.

Must-listen track: This Love


5. Blood Lips

You know when acts from all over the region recommend you, you might be on to a good thing. Blood Lips are a three-piece from North Wales and Manchester that have more than a little bit of buzz behind and a single listen to the alternative act’s “Heartbeats” will show you why.

Must-listen track: Heartbeats

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